Effervescent Tablets - 発泡錠 -


Mrs. Grover: Hi, here’s my husband’s prescription.  Can I purchase only half of the number of tablets? I don’t need that many.  
Faye: Acetylcysteine effervescent tablets.  We have it in tubes of 20 tablets or 10 tablets. Which do you prefer?
Mrs. Grover: How big are the tablets? Because my husband can only swallow small miniscule tablets.
Faye: Your husband doesn’t swallow this tablets. They will dissolve in a glass of water. 
Mrs. Grover: Can we dissolve them in a glass chilled champagne?
Faye:  Sorry to dissapoint you. But effervescent tablets should not be dissolve in liquids other than water.  
Mrs. Grover: Just curious. What causes the effervescent to froth when it’s activated?  
Faye: When the effervescent tablet comes into contact with water, it releases carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide improves the taste of the drug masking its bitterness. 
Mrs. Grover: Does it come with the usual side effects?
Faye:  It may cause upset stomach, vomiting, rash or fever. If any of these symptoms persist, contact your husband’s  Pulmonologist at once.
Mrs. Grover: Thank you. The doctor said that routine monitoring wasn’t necessary, but I’ll keep an eye on him anyways. 
Faye:  Good idea. I’ll be right back with your husband’s prescription. 

Think about it

  1.  What was prescribed by the Pulmonologist?
  2. Why does effervescent tablet release bubbles?
  3. What can you hardly do?



  Important Words and Phrases
Nouns Pulmonologist / Acetylcysteine / effervescent tablet
Adjective miniscule
Verbs dissolve / froth / mask
Others come into contact with ( something )

第1問 : 配点1 How many tablets does the patient’s wife want?
1: Half of them from husband’s prescription.
2:10 tablets
3:20 tablets ,

第2問 : 配点1 How should the patient take the medicine?
1: By swallowing them.
2:By dissolving in a glass of water
3:By dissolving in a glass of champagne ,

第3問 : 配点1 According to the passage, what is the role of carbon dioxide?
1:Improving the taste of the drug
2:Keeping the drug effective
3:Making the drug more effective,

第4問 : 配点1 The drug will cause side effects EXCEPT
1: Vomiting
2:Upset stomach
3: A headache ,

第5問 : 配点1 Did the doctor say that the routine monitoring is required?
2: No
3: Cannot tell from this conversation ,