Douche - 圧注 -


Ms. Wills: Hi, my name is Ms. Wills. I am here as instructed by Dr. Ashley to pick up my prescription.
Grace: Hi, Ms. Wills.  Dr. Ashley endorsed your medical records this morning and recommended douching as a treatment for your vaginal infection. Please refer to your douching kit.
Ms. Wills: I have never done this before so this is really new to me. I guess I’ll start by filling the pouch with the solution. 
Grace: Right. There is a special douching solution in there. It will help to  restore your pH balance to its normal levels. 
Ms. Wills: But how do I do it without making a mess?
Grace: To avoid spilling any solution, get into the bathtub or the shower. You’ll probably want to take a bath or a shower afterwards anyways. 
Ms. Wills: Can I douche while sitting on the toilet, or should I be standing in the shower? 

Either one is fine.  Gently insert the nozzle of the pouch into your vagina not into your  urinary opening and then slowly squeeze the pouch but not too deep. Allow the douching solution to flow freely out of your vagina. And then wash the outside of your vagina with a mild soap and warm water just as you would in a normal shower or bath. 

Ms. Wills: I don’t want to negatively affect my well-being. How many days am I instructed to do this?
Grace: You’ll use it at the prescribed the number of days.This will allow the good and the bad organisms to co-exist at a healthy level.
Ms. Wills: Great. Can I call you if I have any questions?
Grace: Absolutely. We will be here. Have a great day!
Ms. Wills: You too. 

Think about it

  1.  How will the patient use the douche?
  2.  Why is douching prescribed?
  3. Have you done something very helpful although you felt inconvenient at first?



  Important Words / Phrases
Nouns vagina / douche /  pouch /  nozzle /  well-being
Verbs endorse /  spill / squeeze

第1問 : 配点1 Why did Ms. Wills drop in at the pharmacy?
1: Because her doctor told her to do so
2: Because her friend told her to do so.
3: None of the above.,

第2問 : 配点1 In what way is the douching solution special?
1: In increasing her pH balance
2: In decreasing her pH balance
3: In making her blood pressure normal ,

第3問 : 配点1 Where is the woman likely to do the douching?
1:In a shower
2: In a bathtub
3: All of the above ,

第4問 : 配点1 With what should the woman wash the outside of the vagina?
1:mild soap and warm water
2:cold water
3: Cannot tell from this conversation ,

第5問 : 配点1 How many days should the woman do the douching?
1: 3 days
2:As prescribed
3: 5 days ,