Adverse Drug Reaction - 副作用 -


Mrs. Green :  Hello. 
Alina: Hi, Mrs. Green. I’m Alina, the clinical pharmacist.  I’m just calling to check on the adverse drug reaction report and make sure that your daughter is doing well. 
Mrs. Green :  It is a breath of fresh air to hear your voice. 
Alina : I am glad to hear that. Now the report indicates that your daughter developed Steven-Johnson syndrome after taking Co-trimoxazole. When did she start taking the drug?
Mrs. Green :   I started giving her 2 spoonfuls 3 days ago. I forgot the second dose prior to dinner. But I remember the 3 D’s “Don’t Double Dose!” so I just gave her the usual amount the next morning. 
Alina : Did the signs and symptoms of adverse drug reaction manifest immediately after your daughter took the drugs?
Mrs. Green :  After the first dose, she developed the headache and a slight fever. I know these can be common side effects so I just hoped everything was normal. 
Alina:  Most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects. But those unwanted effects typically disappear as the body adjusts to the new medicine. 
Mrs. Green  After the supposed third dose, her skin started to feel itchy. And after last night’s dose, she developed a rash from head to toe. That’s when I called 911.  
Alina : Since the adverse reaction was caused by Co-trimoxazole , your daughter will have to permanently avoid this antibiotic. 
Mrs. Green :  How long will it take for her skin to recover?
Alina :  Continue applying the topical medications. Your daughter’s case is rare and  fairly remarkable. In severe cases, it can take several months to fully recover.  But it may only take several days in your daughter’s case.
Mrs. Green :  Only then will I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you. 
Alina :  My pleasure. And please feel free to call back if you have any other questions. 

Think about it

  1. What was the adverse effect of the medication to Mrs. Green’s daughter?
  2. How long will her daughter recover?
  3.  Have you received reports of adverse effects from the medication that you’ve dispensed this week?


  Medical Terms Words/Phrases

Adverse drug reaction / Steven-Johnson Syndrome / Co-trimoxazole

Verbs   verify / manifest / adjust
Adjectives    topical / remarkable

 breath of fresh air / breathe a sigh of relief


第1問 : 配点1 Why is Alina calling to Mrs. Green?
1:to check on the adverse reaction report,
2:to check on Mrs. Green’s physical condition
3:to say hi to Mrs. Green ,

第2問 : 配点1 After taking Co-trimoxazole, what did Mrs. Green’s daughter develop?
1:Lung cancer
3:Steven-Johnson syndrome ,

第3問 : 配点1 When did Mrs. Green start giving her daughter the drug?
1:1 day ago
2:2 days ago
3:3 days ago. ,

第4問 : 配点1 After the last night’s dose, what did Mrs. Green’s daughter developed?
1:Itchy skin
2: a rash
3:nausea ,

第5問 : 配点1 According to the pharmacist, how long will it take for Mrs. Green’s daughter’s skin to recover?
1:Several days
2:several months
3:several years ,