Sales Test - 営業 -






Please explain the meaning and make a sentence for the vocabulary which the teacher will ask.

  Important words and phrases
Nouns toll free
Verbs inform, provide, enclose
Others free of charge

Question 1

Your company rents foliage plants. Write a cover letter sending the catalogue to new customers. Include the information below.

-Enclosed is a catalogue.

-All rental programs include maintenance by professionals once a month.

Subject : New Service

Dear Sir or Madame,

Our company, ( _____ ) provides ( _____ )  to companies  anywhere in ( _____ ).  

We are happy to work with you to ( ______ ) .

We have ( _____ ). Please take a look ( ____ ). We have selected ( _____ ).

For your information, all  ( _____ ) include ( _____ ) .

We are confident that our product will give ( _____ ).

If you have any ( _____ ), please do not hesitate to call toll free +81 ( _____ ).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Question 2

Your company will start the Spring Sales campaign from April 1st.

Write a letter including the information below to enclose with the campaign flyer.

-First month will be free of charge if you apply for more than 3 months of standard plan by April 31st.

-You can order by calling +81-6-1234-5678 or from our website.

Subject: Campaign

Dear Mr./Ms. ( _____ )


Thank you for  ( _____ ).

We would like to ( _____ ) that we will start ( _____ ). If you apply  ( _____ ) by April 31st, the first month will ( ______ ).       

Enclosed is a flyer  ( ____ ).

Place your order by ( ______ ) or visit ( _____ ).

We look forward to being of service to you in the future. 


Sincerely yours, 


Question 3

You are working at ABC travel. Write a letter including the information below to send to the new customers with the pamphlet. 

-What kind of services you provide

-Enclosed is a pamphlet on travel

-All tour prices include airport tax.

-You can order by calling +816-1234-5678 or from our website.


Read the questions and follow the instructions.