Contract (Lesson) - 契約 -


Employment Offer Letter

Dear Ms. Villa,

Glendale Inc. (the "Company") is pleased to offer you probationary employment for a period of six months on the following terms:

You will serve in a full-time capacity as System Engineer of the Company. You will report to Jessica Belford, supervisor of the department.

This job is a full-time exempt position, and starting salary will be $52,000 per year.

Enclosed with this letter is a listing of all health, vacation, retirement, and other benefits offered to salaried employees.

The starting date of your employment is September 1st. Please report to Human Resources at 10 a.m. to fill out the necessary employment, tax, and benefit paperwork.

By signing this letter agreement, you represent and warrant that you are under no contractual commitments inconsistent with your obligations to the Company.

Your performance will be regularly reviewed during the entire probationary employment period. The Company during the probationary period, shall have the right to terminate your employment if you fail to meet the performance standards, company rules, policies, or regulations.

We hope that you find the foregoing terms acceptable. You may indicate your agreement with these terms and accept this offer by signing and dating both the enclosed original and duplicate of this letter and returning them to me. 

We look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions, please call me at  (01) 2345-6789.



Lesley Richardson

Think About It

  1. Have you written a job offer recently?
  2. Do you remember what was written on your job offer?

Let's practice

According to Think About It, please write a job offer.


  Important words and phrases
Nouns probationary employment, capacity, obligation 
Verbs warrant, indicate
Adjectives contractual, inconsistent, probationary

第1問 : 配点1 How long is the probationary employment?
1:One month
2:A half-month
3:A half-year,

第2問 : 配点1 When is Mr.Villa's starting date?
1:September 1st
2:September 5th
3:September 21st,

第3問 : 配点1 If Mr.Villa agree with the terms and accept the offer, what should he do.
1:Call Jessica Belford
2:Sign his name and the date on the letter and send it to the company
3:Call Human resource by 10 am,

第4問 : 配点1 What kind of information is not enclosed with the letter?
1:Company rules

第5問 : 配点1 Which right does the company have toward Mr.Villa.
1:Terminate his probationary period
2:Change his starting salary without telling him
3:Sign the letter for him,