At the Reception - 受付にて -


Receptionist: Hello. Welcome to Broadmoore Entertainment. Do you have an appointment?
Rachel: Yes, I do. I am here to see Clark Merritt.  
Receptionist: I’m having trouble finding the appointment. What is your full name, please?
Rachel: My name is Rachel Heisler.  
Receptionist: Okay, Ms. Heisler. I see it now. Your appointment is for 10:30 am.
Rachel: Exactly. I know I am a few minutes early.
Receptionist: Please have a seat and I’ll call you when Mr. Merritt is ready to see you.
Rachel: Great. Thank you so much.

Think about it

  1. What did Rachel come for? 
  2. Did Rachel come exactly on time?
  3. How do you spend your time when you arrive earlier than scheduled?

Let's Practice

Key Phrase: Do you have an appointment?

    This is asked when a meeting has been arranged in advance.


      Question: Do you have an appointment?

      Answer:   Yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Miller at 8:30 a.m.

Let's practice more: 

     1.Professor Luke / 1:15 p.m.

     2.Chairman Ascot / 11 a.m.

     3.Director Stewart /  right after lunch

     4.Mrs. Simmons /  4 p.m.

     5.Doctor Quick / 9:45 a.m.


  Important words and phrases
Others have trouble ~ V ing / early

第1問 : 配点1 What does the receptionist tell Ms. Heisler to do until Mr. Merritt is ready?
1:To make a call to Mr. Merritt
2:To take a seat
3:To fill in a document,

第2問 : 配点1 Why did the receptionist ask Ms. Heisler to give her full name?
1:Because he could not catch what Ms. Heisler said
2:Because he did not know her well
3:Because she could not find her appointment,

第3問 : 配点1 What is Ms. Heisler most likely to do next?
1:She will sit down and wait
2:She will check her schedule
3:She will go home,

第4問 : 配点1 I had trouble ( ) this task within a week. I was too busy to do it.
2:to finish
3:finishing ,

第5問 : 配点1 These two products look ( ) the same.