Answer a phone call - 電話に出る -


Receptionist Good morning, thank you for calling Marketing Pros. How may I help you?
Jack I would like to make an appointment with your Marketing Specialist. I am opening a new business.
Receptionist  Yes, of course. We have several: Eric Ramos, Carl Ducker, and Candice Brown. Do you have a preference?
Jack Hmm, I have heard good things about Carl Ducker. When is he available?
Receptionist Let me see, he has an appointment available tomorrow at 3 o’clock. How does that sound?
Jack That’s perfect. Thank you.
Receptionist What’s your name and telephone number so I can put you on the schedule and let him know you’ll be coming tomorrow?
Jack My name is Jack Stokes. My number is 215-555-7752. Thank you. See you then.
Receptionist Thank you. 

Think about it

  1. What does the caller want with Marketing Pros?
  2. Who is the caller?
  3. How often do you receive a call every day?

Let's Practice

Key Phrase:  put  on the schedule~

     This is used when you want to put someone on a list or line up


   Teacher: Good Morning, thank you for calling. How may I help you?

   Student:  Hello, I’d like to make an appointment with your  Marketing Specialist.

   Teacher: OK, I’ll put you on the schedule. May I know your name and telephone number?

   Student:  My name is Michael Sunders. My number is 326-639-8863.

   Teacher: Would you  be available at 3 o’clock tomorrow?

   Student:  Yes, thank you. See you then.

Let's practice more: 

  1. Marketing Director / Tomas Cook / 659-962-1197

  2. Advertising Supervisor / Linda Warren /  437-740-9974

  3. Operations Manager / student’s name / telephone number 


  Important words and phrases
Nouns specialist / preference
Verbs open
提出期限 1970-01-01

第1問 : 配点1 What does the caller want with Marketing Pros?
1:A good candidate for the company’s vice-president
2:Some investment for the new business
3:An appointment with a marketing specialist,

第2問 : 配点1 When will the caller meet with Carl Ducker?
1:Today at 3 o’ clock
2:Tomorrow at 3 o’ clock
3:On Friday at 3 o’ clock,

第3問 : 配点1 We have all kinds of curry: Indian, Pakistani or Japanese. Do you have a ( )?

第4問 : 配点1 Sally is thinking of ( ) a new restaurant downtown.

第5問 : 配点1 Who is the caller?
1:Jakes Stokes
2:Eric Ramos
3:Candice Brown,