Ask how to use... - ...をどうやって使うか尋ねる -


Patty : Hi Maria, do you need some help? What are you trying to do?
Maria : Oh hi, Patty. I’m trying to make some copies. How do I use the new copy machine?
Patty : What seems to be the problem?
Maria : Well, the screen is black and I can’t seem to find the power button.
Patty : Let me take a look. Oh, here on the side. Do you see this green button?
Maria : Oh yes, right there on the side. I missed that completely.
Patty : Ok, it’s on now. You should be able to make copies as usual.
Maria : Thanks, Patty. That was a big help!

Think about it

  1. What is Maria trying to do?
  2. Where is the power button?
  3. Do you know how to use the copy machine?

Let's Practice

Key Phrase: How do I use ~?

     This is used when asking for help in doing something.


     Question: How do I use the fax machine?

     Answer:  Just press the black button.

Action Words : Press /  Turn 

Let's Practice More:

     1.Shower  /  red knob for warm water

     2.Heater  / black button for automatic fan

     3.microwave oven / cook button 

     4.dishwasher / start button

     5.fruit juicer /  pulse button


Other Useful words:

Plug into an electrical outlet.

Press timer button on.

Press start button once.

Please find and read  the instruction manual


Office Appliances, Household Devises and Appliances:

Coffe maker ; air conditioner ; smoke detector; camera;

clothes dryer; blow dryer;  scanner ; ceiling fan ; electric blanket



  Important words and phrases
Nouns power /  knob
Verbs miss
Others make a copy / as usual

第1問 : 配点1 What is Maria trying to do?
1:She is trying to find a blue button.
2:She is trying to make some copies.
3:She is trying to turn off the screen.,

第2問 : 配点1 Where is the power button?
1:It is in the middle.
2:It is on top of the machine.
3:It is on the side.,

第3問 : 配点1 What happens when you press on the green button?
1:The screen turns green.
2:The machine turns on.
3:The machine becomes powerful.,

第4問 : 配点1 John ( ) the train by a minute.

第5問 : 配点1 You are very smart, so you should ( ) solve this question easily.
1:be able to
2:have no difficulty
3:be possible to,