Get Ahead Work Abroad - 一歩踏み出して海外で働こう -


Overseas employment is finding a short-term job or a big career leap of relocating abroad. Leaving a current post to start from scratch in another country doesn’t guarantee landing a glamorous position at a higher or same level from one’s native land.  Packing luggage for a company’s branch abroad due to global market expansion offers a challenging door of opportunity.

For whatever reason, fresh things are in store both in business and social environments. Issues resulting from language barrier may boost communication skills or drive someone home quickly.  Differing culture and tradition can lead a person to be sociable and outgoing or culturally shocked and locked in. International exposure broadens horizons and understanding in a diverse global workplace. To cut the cord and live away from family and friends means wrestling homesickness although communication technology can bridge the gap unless personal touch is opted over a talk in front of rectangular screen. Earnings and cost of living determines financial stability, security or losses.

A decision to make another country a new or second home, whether for a lifetime or temporary, entails planning and certain amount of self-sufficiency.

Think about it

  1. What makes people work abroad?
  2. What are the pros and cons of overseas job?
  3. Why would you or not consider going abroad for employment?


  Important words and phrases
Nouns post / horizon
Adjectives glamorous / diverse
Verbs leap / entail

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