Ageing Society a Challenge - 高齢化社会の課題 -


An aging nation has 15% of its population consisting of aged 60 years and above. Reportedly the year 2015 will have tripled number of people over 65. 

There are different take on who should care for the old.  Only a few countries have a big chunk of people thinking that they should care for themselves. Most people believe governments should be responsible. But in countries like Pakistan 77% of folks consider that it’s up to families.

It’s a major financial nuisance with a lot of older and younger people relying on working-age men and women.  The imbalance limp economic growth and produce various challenges socially affecting the ability to provide for older generations. Optimistically it would mean less education spending and low care bills assuming a healthy aging populace instead of deteriorating health.

Malaysia currently works on measures to cope by studying the approach taken by other nations like Singapore which employs retired senior citizens who are still able and strong to utilize their skills. Government officials noted that providing employment rather than placing them in welfare homes sounds a good option.

Think about it

  1. Who are considered responsible to the senior citizens?
  2. What is the impact of population ageing?
  3. How’s the elderly in your family?


  Important words and phrases
Nouns  nuisance
Verbs rely / limp / deteriorate
Adverbs optimistically

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