Supplements - サプリメント -


Andrew: Hey, you are a pharmacist. Can you help me understand how much Calcium and Vitamin D each tablet contains? 
Samantha: Sure. Let’s break it  down.
Andrew: The front label indicates 500 CALCIUM plus Vitamin D.
Samantha: Typically the front label indicates the milligram amount. In this case it refers to the actual amount of calcium in the supplement which is 500 mg. 
Andrew: On the back, it says ‘serving size 2 tablets’. Each serving provides 1,250 milligrams of  Calcium carbonate.

The Supplement or Nutrition Facts label indicates the specific type of calcium available in the product which is Calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is 40 percent elemental calcium, so 1,250 mg of calcium carbonate contains 500 mg of elemental calcium.  To get the full 1,000 mg serving of Calcium, you need to take 2 tablets.

Andrew:  Why does it need 400 IU of Vitamin D?
Samantha:  Well, Vitamin D helps absorb Calcium, which is why your calcium supplements contain Vitamin D. It is equal to 15 mcg or 0.015mg.
Andrew: How should I take the supplement?
Samantha: The best way to take it is to have one tablet twice daily with a meal. And be sure to have plenty of water to avoid constipation.
Andrew: Are you sure I am not taking too much Calcium?

If you will check the label, it says 50% Daily Value for each ingredient.  That means that the daily RDA for adults is 1,000 mg for Calcium and 800 IU for Vitamin D, so you are on the safe side.

But be careful not to have too much Calcium. Don’t surpass the upper limits. Because then you run the risk of health problems associated with excessive Calcium intake.

Andrew: Ok.  Last question, what does the USP symbol mean on the label?
Samantha: Oh, the USP symbol means that the product meets the standards for quality, potency and purity. It also means that the product will dissolve in your stomach. 
Andrew: Wow, thanks for your help.
Samantha: Yeah, no problem. Let’s go back to the show. 

Think about it

  1.  How much elemental calcium does Andrew’s supplement contain?
  2.  Why does the supplement contain Vitamin D?
  3. Why is it necessary for consumers to read the drug label?



  Important Words and Phrases
Nouns supplement / IU  / daily value / RDA, USP / elemental calcium / calcium carbonate
Others break  ~ down

第1問 : 配点1 For what does he need a help?
1:In understanding how much calcium and vitamin D each tablet contains.
2:In understanding how much calcium and vitamin D does a child need a day
3:In understanding how much calcium and vitamin D are necessary for adults. ,

第2問 : 配点1 At what amount does the front level indicate?
3:kilogram ,

第3問 : 配点1 In order to take the 1000mg elements of calcium, how many tablets of this product should be taken?
1: one

第4問 : 配点1 Why do we need to take vitamin D?
1:To live longer.
2:To grow
3:To absorb calcium ,

第5問 : 配点1 To avoid constipation, what should we do?
1:Drink plenty of water
2:Take calcium
3:Drink a glass of milk,